Thursday, June 13, 2013

Climate Action Plan

The Climate Action Plan set out below could be implemented immediately in any country, without the need for an international agreement to be reached first. This avoids complicated negotiations and verifying implementation and progress in other nations.

In nations with both federal and state governments, such as the United States of America, the Climate Action Plan could be implemented as follows:
  1. The President directs federal departments and agencies to reduce their emissions for each type of pollutant annually by a set percentage, say, CO2 and CH4 by 10%, and HFCs, N2O and soot by higher percentages.
  2. The President demands states to each make the same cuts.  
  3. The President directs the federal Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to monitor implementation of states and to act step in where a state looks set to fail to miss one or more targets, by imposing (federal) fees on applicable polluting products sold in the respective state, with revenues used for federal benefits.
Federal benefits (under 3 above)  could include building interstate High-Speed Rail tracks, adaptation and conservation measures, management of national parks, R&D into batteries, ways to vegetate deserts and other land use measurements, all at the discretion of the EPA. The fees can be roughly calculated as the average of fees that other states impose in successful efforts to meet their targets.

This way, the decision how to reduce targets is largely delegated to state level, while states can similarly delegate decisions to local communities. While feebates, preferably implemented locally, are recommended as the most effective way to reach targets, each state and even each local community can largely decide how to implement things, provided that each of the targets are reached.

Similar targets could be adopted elsewhere in the world, and each nation could similarly delegate responsibilities to local communities. Additionally, it makes sense to agree internationally to impose extra fees on international commercial aviation, with revenues used to develop ways to cool the Arctic.

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  1. Sam, Corporate Gov would use Corporate spy cos.
    Exposing gov secret laws and spy application is something citizens should appreciate big time.. The Fascist movement to disable us is all around us and expanding with abandon..
    The Barack and special agents of security need a shake of the tree and to be able to see..
    That's 2C also a game in play about over now.
    Because Earth is past point of reduction of gas, greenhouse gas that is driving extinction.
    We need a sea change to get the jump on this.
    All Nations respecting each other and corps too including banking cartel worldwide seeing the need to make a quick alteration of money.
    As described in comments at Arctic News..
    This would create open system of finance that doesn't any longer externalize harm to Nature.
    - This is comment I'd made on Pyle's testimony on Democracy Now, just now like yesterday I liked on U Tube. It explains the corporate control world.
    The corrupt can of worm turning today not giving a hoot about what you say. This is a Physical province, this global warming thing and it is externalized by the Monster at large that keeps nations from acting and protecting their peoples.